Buyers are very visual particularly where everything is viewed on the internet and on multiple devices. Having high quality images of your home should be a key component of any marketing plan designed to sell your home for the highest price within the shortest timeframe.

Research shows using a professional photographer not only helps sell your home faster but for more money.  The cost to hire a professional photographer generally falls within the $150-$200 range depending on the market and number of photos requested. If you are working with a listing agent, it’s likely that the professional photography expense will be covered by your agent as part of the services offered.

It is important to photograph not only the interior but the exterior of the home as well.  Your front yard must have curb appeal so be sure that the lawn has been cut and edged, bushes and shrubs have been trimmed, walkway has been swept and is free of clutter and flowers have been planted. You should also be sure that the windows have been washed and the exterior has been painted, if needed.  The backyard should not be overlooked. Be sure the deck and/or patio is swept, furniture is arranged and all toys, bikes, balls and garden equipment/supplies are out of sight. If you have a pool or hot tub, be sure the it has been skimmed and the water is clean. If your photographer opts to use a drone for the external photography, be sure to notify your neighbors.

With regards to the interior, the key rooms to be photographed are the kitchen, living rooms, master bedroom, guest bedrooms and bathrooms.  The kitchen is a key room for buyers. Be sure your kitchen has been cleaned thoroughly and all dishes and pans are out of sight. Also, the kitchen counters should be clear of any small appliances and dish cleaning supplies at the sink as well as any photos or magnets on the refrigerator have been removed. The trash can should be put in the closet for the photo shoot. The living rooms are the common area rooms including dining room, library, TV room or home office.  These rooms should be clean and clutter-free. It is also important that all framed family photos, magazines, toys and other personal items be removed. Buyers must be able to visualize their family living in this space which is why it is important to depersonalize the home. Sellers need to realize that this is no longer their home but an asset to be sold providing the opportunity to move on to their next home. As with the common area rooms, the bedrooms must be cleaned, decluttered and cleared of any personalize items. The bathrooms counters must be clear of any personal toiletries, tooth brushes, hair dryers, etc. Be sure towels are freshly washed and hung straight. Also, put your toilet seat down and all closet doors are closed.

Once all rooms have been prepared, be sure that all lights are turned on prior to photography.  It is important to note that lighting is key when taking photos/video. Photos should also be taken on a sunny day.

I hope you have found the above tips to be helpful. If you are thinking of buying/selling residential real estate in South Florida and not currently working with an agent, please email me a or call me at (954) 547-9483. Many thanks

Jay Kenney