Issues found during home inspections can be used by the buyer to either negotiate mandatory fixes or a credit to lower the purchase price with the seller. The extent of what should be fixed should be left to the buyer’s agent to negotiate with the seller’s agent. If the requests are reasonable, most sellers will agree to remedy the issues. In some cases, a credit towards the purchase price can be arranged whereby the buyer would receive money to put towards fixing the problem. If the buyer is concerned with an issue or issues found during a home inspection and seller is not willing to fix the problems, the buyer can walk away from the agreement. It should be noted that agreements in Florida allow for the buyer to walk away from an agreement without penalty during the home inspection period which is defined in the agreement.

Most major issues that are included in a home inspection report include the following:

1.) Structural: issues can be seen in the attic or crawlspace. The structural elements of a home are the foundation, crawl space, slab or basement, framing, roof and walls.

2.) Roof: issues can include a roof that is at the end of its life, shingles that have loosened or are broken, exposed nail heads and improper flashing.  A roof that shows signs of deferred maintenance can also signal water damage to the sheathing and rafters.

3.) Plumbing: issues can range in severity from a leaking faucet to the plumbing system needing repair or replacement, Leaks that have been active for an extended period of time can result in additional problems such as damage to flooring and mold.

4.) Electrical: issues can be very dangerous so it is important to always consult with a licensed electrician on any electrical issues that are noted in a home inspection report. Such issues could include faulty, outdated out of code wiring or circuit breaker box. Another common issue is a the lack of GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets located near water source such as sinks.

5.) Water Damage: can be a serious issue as it can impact all areas of the home and can result in costly repairs.  Water damage can be caused by roofing issues, plumbing leaks or poor exterior drainage.

6.) Heating and Air Conditioning System: issues are very common and can include a heating/cooling system at the end of its lifespan or system that has not been regularly maintained and not running as efficiently as it could.

According to a study of 50K home inspections by,  common issues found during a home inspection included:

*54.9% of doors needed adjusting/servicing

*54.8% of faucets and shower heads needed servicing

*54.5% exterior caulking/sealant missing

*53.7% outlet or light switch problems

*48% no circuit breaker (GFCI) protection

*45.1% missing or defective smoke alarms

*45% cosmetic sheetrock cracks or nail pops

*40.5% fixtures and/or bulb problems

*33.9% interior caulking, grout and sealer are missing

*33.9% electrical service panel problems

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